Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Planting Pumpkins

I went to school today and everything had grown so much over the weekend! There were ripe tomatoes and a ripe pepper. The watermelon are growing around the corner, and there is a pretty big one in the back of the garden. There are two cantaloupes, and they are getting big also, but not changing color yet. The reason I went today (besides to feed the animals in the classroom) is that I wanted to get the pumpkin seeds in the ground. They need to be planted in June if you want them ripe in October, so we're cutting it close! I've been putting it off because the ground has been so dry and hard, but it really rained this weekend and I thought that if there is ever a right time to dig, it's now. I dug holes, added composted humus and manure, made little hills, then planted the seeds. I planted six different types of pumpkins, so the children can see that they are all pumpkins, but they are different also. I planted tiny pumpkins, small pie pumpkins, regular jack o'lantern sized pumpkins, prizewinner pumpkins, huge pumpkins and white pumpkins. I really hope that all of them sprout and grow. I kept seeds and the seed packets with the pictures of the pumpkins. We'll see what happens!


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