Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Summer Gardening

Well, even though it isn't offically summer yet, it's summer in Louisiana! School isn't in session, but I have to go to school two or three times per week to take care of the garden and the class pets that stayed at school this summer. We have three water turtles (red-eared sliders), a crawfish, a mud skipper, and an aquarium with fish, a newt and a dwarf frog. Everyone seems to be in fine shape. The garden is located between the brick building and the sidewalk approximately 3 feet wide and 36 feet long. This must be the best soil on this planet, because everything is flourishing! We have about 12 feet of flowers-some perinnials and some annuals, but all of them full sun lovers. The vegetable garden (approximately 24 feet) is overflowing with tomatoes. We also have a few ears of corn, about six or seven cute baby watermelons, a couple of cantaloupes, bell peppers, okra and a few strawberries. The trees in the orchard (peach, fig, pear, apple) are all fine. The purple martins are active, and I think that they are on their second brood of the season. I hope that at least some of the produce (the watermelon, especially) waits to ripen until the children come back from summer vacation (August 9th!). I'll go by the school tomorrow and pick the ripe fruit and vegetables, water the garden, and feed the pets. I wonder what will be ready to pick tomorrow?


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