Monday, June 26, 2006

Too Many Tomatoes!

When I went to water the garden and check on all of the animals in the room, there were too many tomatoes! I ended up with a bucket full of tomatoes (and one little squash). I really need to find all of the people who said that they wanted tomatoes before school let out for the summer! All of the pumpkins have sprouted, and I was surprised that the leaves of the little sprouts are indicative the size of the pumpkins that are planted there! The tiny pumpkin sprouts have little leaves and the leaves get bigger all the way up to the "prizewinner hybrid" pumpkins. The cantaloupes are getting bigger, and so are the watermelons. The birdhouse gourd plants are climbing up the fence, and they have some tiny little gourds starting to form where the flowers were. I hope that there are enough for every student to make a birdhouse to take home. Speaking of birds, they were very happy to see me with birdseed today. As soon as I put it in the feeder, they swooped down! I don't feed them every time I go during the summer, but I want to keep them interested in the feeder so that they will be there when school starts again.


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