Sunday, July 23, 2006

Pumpkins, pumpkins

These are pictures of the largest pumpkins (Big Max - top picutre) and the smallest pumpkins (Jack Be Little - bottom picture) that we have planted at school. We have six different pumpkins planted. I think that it is interesting that the big pumpkins are already big, they have big leaves and they are taller than the little ones. The Jack Be Little pumpkins have small leaves and are pretty close to the ground. It rained some this weekend, so I hope that they got a lot of water and I am thinking that they have probably grown a LOT since Friday. I'll go check on everyone tomorrow, and see if the plants need any water. At this time, we have peppers, watermelon, cantaloupe, okra, gourds and lots of flowers. And of course, the pumpkins. Only about another two weeks until school starts!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Cleaning Up

I went to school today to water and feed everyone. I also pulled out the tomatoes while I was there. Those tomatoes were ready to go. They weren't producing any more fruit, and they had some kind of mildew on the leaves. I plan on planting two or three tomato plants that I saw at a store that said "Heat Wave Tomatoes... we love 100 degree temperatures". I will probably do that Friday or Monday. Today I also cut some okra and weeded the pumpkins. The pumpkins are really growing and I hope soon that they will start getting flowers on them. But it would be better to wait to get flowers until the kids are there. There are only 21 more days until the kids come back! I also filled the bird feeder and put water in the bird bath. We now have a lot of peppers, 10 watermelon (in various stages of growth), okra, one cantaloupe, and only two gourds. Someone picked the ones on the opposite side of the fence. I am disappointed, because now we won't have enough for every student to make a bird house, unless some more grow on those plants. But we WILL have enough to make some for the garden, so it will all work out! Also, the squash seems to be running out of energy! The vines are all over the place, and it has flowers on it, but no new fruit. It might be time for it to go also. I want the garden to look nice when school begins again. I will have to spend some time in the next few weeks making it a little neater.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Still Growing

I went to school today to check the garden and feed the animals, and here's what I found. The gourds are even bigger than they were on 7-6-06. There are two new cantaloupes, both of them are still green. The watermelons have grown a little more. The pumpkins are getting taller every day. The pepper plants had a LOT of little peppers on them. I am going to pull the tomatoes up the next time that I go, and I will try to find some late-bearing ones to put in their place. It will be very empty looking without something there. The animals are all fine. I think that they miss us, though. They are used to getting fed daily and having some noise and activity in the room. Well, it won't be long until school starts again. Teachers go back on August 7th and students go back on August 9th!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

What Cute Watermelon!

My favorite is the bright green one with the stripes (on the left). The other two are the ones that are growing under the sand table. That's why one is in the sun and the other is in the shade. I think that it is interesting that they have different textures/colors of skin. I'm not sure why they do, but I will try to find out. I'm always eager to learn something new!

Great Gourds!

I went to school today, expecting changes, since I had not been since Monday. But I was not expecting the size of these gourds! They have tripled in size in just four days! They average about 6 inches from top to bottom. There are four gourds that are this size, then about ten more little ones, and still more flowers. So we will have enough for every student to make a birdhouse to take home. The watermelon are still growing, and Mr. Landreth and I counted ten of them. And there are still flowers, so maybe more watermelons. The pumpkin plants are growing also. All of the classroom animals are fine, and happy to get fed today. In the picture above, you can see the okra, squash and some tomatoes in the background. I may have to move the sand table (at the right of the picture) to give the watermelons more room! The watermelon vine has grown under the sandtable and there are two watermelons under it. The watermelon vine has also grown down the sidewalk towards the gate (at the right hand of the picture. I hope that the students will be as excited about all of this as I am!