Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Still Growing

I went to school today to check the garden and feed the animals, and here's what I found. The gourds are even bigger than they were on 7-6-06. There are two new cantaloupes, both of them are still green. The watermelons have grown a little more. The pumpkins are getting taller every day. The pepper plants had a LOT of little peppers on them. I am going to pull the tomatoes up the next time that I go, and I will try to find some late-bearing ones to put in their place. It will be very empty looking without something there. The animals are all fine. I think that they miss us, though. They are used to getting fed daily and having some noise and activity in the room. Well, it won't be long until school starts again. Teachers go back on August 7th and students go back on August 9th!


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