Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Getting Ready For School To Start

This photograph of the Big Max pumpkins was taken on Friday, July 28th, one week after the top photograph in the last post (the one underneath this one) was taken. The pumpkins had grown that much in one week! Isn't it amazing how fast plants grow? I went to school today to check on all the animals, water the plants and start getting the room ready for the start of school next week, and not only had the pumpkins grown even more, but all of them had flowers on them. And when you have flowers, you will soon have little baby pumpkins! So we might have a few teeny little pumpkins growing by the time that school starts! We also have a few new birdhouse gourds starting to grow on the vines. Yesterday I attended a workshop where I got a lot of great ideas to use this year in our classroom. We are going to have a great year! Only one more week until school starts! I hope that everyone is ready for the new year!


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