Friday, August 25, 2006

Learning Rules and Routines

This is a cantaloupe from our garden. Next week, we are going to taste the cantaloupe and a watermelon from our garden. We have several cantaloupes left, more okra, tomato plants (but not tomatos yet), and of course, pumpkins! The pumpkins are getting bigger every day. We will definitely have pumpkins ready for Halloween!

In our classroom, we have been talking about the rules and learning our routines. Some of the things that we are learning are: how to walk on the yellow line, how to line up to go somewhere (enrichment, breakfast, lunch), how to wash our hands in the cafeteria, how to say the pledge and sing "My Country Tis of Thee", how to check the weather and graph it on our Weather Graph, how to say the days of the week, how to count the days in the month. When we use the calendar, we are also learning about patterns. We have been learning about places and people around our school and what they do to help us at school. We have been learning about red, and we even made a book about the color red. We have been learning our new classmate's names. Next week, we will be sorting colors, identifying red, learning the numeral 1, learning about circles, Humpty Dumpty and about families.

Parents, if you have not sent photographs of your family yet, please try to do so soon. We will be putting up a display with each child's family photographs, plus we will make a book for each child to have at school with photos of their families.

Don't forget that students do not come to school next Friday, September 1st. because the teachers have a Professional Development Day. We will be in workshops learning new things to help us teach our students. The next Monday, September 4th, is Labor Day. There will be no school that day for students or teachers.


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