Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Teeny Tiny Baby Pumpkin

This is a picture of a teeny little baby pumpkin. The little round yellow bump on the green stem is the pumpkin. The crinkled part attached to it is the flower. All vegetables and fruits start with flowers. When a bee or other insect gets pollen on it from one flower, then spreads the pollen by drinking the nectar from a different flower, the flower is fertilized, and the fruit or vegetables start to grow. This little pumpkin is only a few days old. This is the Big Max pumpkin, which will hopefully turn out to be really really big. If it gets to be really really big, we may try to enter it in the Caddo Parish Fair and the Louisiana State Fair. We have a book that tells how to grow a big pumpkin, so we are going to follow the directions, and maybe it will work!


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