Friday, September 22, 2006

Fish and Turtles

This is a photograph of our tropical fish tank. We have fish, a newt and a frog in our tank. We really like our aquarium. When we feed them, they all come to the top of the water to eat. The newt is black with a red stomach. He walks around on the bottom of the aquarium, looking for food. He sometimes swims up to the top to get some air, then floats down to the bottom again. The frog does the same thing. They like to live in the water, but they still have to breathe air like we do.

These are our turtles. We have three red eared sliders. These are the turtles that you see most often sunning themselves on logs in the bayous or rivers. These turtles are about 3 years old. They are fully grown, as long as they live in this aquarium, they won't get any bigger. If we moved them to a larger aquarium, they would grow more. Everyone loves the turtles. We watch them eat and swim around. They get out of the water and sun themselves on the flat rock sticking out of the water. They stretch their head and legs out and "bask". They do that to keep their shells hard.

We are studying farm animals now, because we will be going to the State Fair of Louisiana the end of October. We are learning the names of the animals and the sounds that they make. In two weeks, we will be learning about zoo animals, because the State Fair also has zoo animals. We are working on the color yellow and the numeral 1. We will be starting to learn about squares. Our nursery rhyme will be Baa Baa Black Sheep. We will be learning about in and out, and big and little. We are having such a good time learning in our classroom!


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