Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Great Week!

We have had a great week! The best thing that happened is that Ms. Gooden came to work with us. Ms. Gooden was hired last week as a paraprofessional in our classroom. So now we have TWO teachers, Ms. Chandler and Ms. Gooden. We are so happy to have her working in our room!

In our room, we have been learning about the color yellow, the numeral 1, squares and farm animals. We have also been learning about in and out. Next week we will continue learning about squares and the color yellow, and we will also be learning about on and off, the numeral 2 and zoo animals. The reason that we are learning about farm animals and zoo animals is that we are going to be going on a field trip to the Louisiana State Fair on October 27th, and they have both farm animals and zoo animals at the fair.

Out in the garden, we have new tomatoes, more okra, and our pumpkins are growing bigger every day! We have three big pumpkins, one white pumpkin, one tiny pumpkin and two smaller pumpkins that are still growing. They get bigger every day, but we aren't sure what kind of pumpkin they will be when they finish growing. This is because all of the pumpkins run vines all around, and it is hard to figure out which plant the vines are coming from. So we will have to wait until they get a little bigger to find out what kind of pumpkins they are. Also in the garden, we have hummingbirds! We have seen a few of them, and hope to see more! We have also been noticing the house sparrows that live at the school. Ms. Chandler puts birdseed in the feeder and they come to eat the seed.

Our finches in our classroom have six eggs now, but none of them have hatched. We keep watching and waiting, and hopefully one day we will have some little baby finches! We will be sure to let you know when we do!


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