Thursday, September 07, 2006

In Our Room

I was ill Tuesday and Wednesday, but made it back today (Thursday), and I am very glad to be back. This is what we have been doing this week. We are still working on the color red and on Humpty Dumpty. We have been talking about our families, (parents, thank you for sending the photographs of your families). The children each have a book about their family and a poster on the bulletin board about their family. We have been learning about all of the things that we can do in our room. Right now, the Housekeeping (Dramatic Play) Center, Block Center, Table Toys and Book Centers are open. We will add the Art Center and Computers soon. We use the computers as a group, but we are not quite ready to work on them by ourselves. We have been watching the garden, and our pumpkins are really getting big! They will be huge by Halloween! We have also been watching the Birdhouse Gourds grow. We hope that we will have enough to make birdhouses this winter. The Dramatic Play (Housekeeping) Center (above) is a favorite place to work. We get to dress up in different clothes, cook, take care of our babies, set the table, wash dishes, pretend to be firefighters and other community helpers. We sit and talk about things and even call people on one of the telephones! The Block Center (below) is always a good place to work. We build houses, drive cars, play with the houses and people. The block Center is a lot of fun!


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